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All of them brought together the BUN-D brand.

Since 1980s, fast food trend has well established itself internationally and fast food culture has kept conquering the world. In the 2000s, this trend has accelerated and spread even to once remote corners of the world.
This trend is understandable given the increasing importance of time for the people. The digital revolution and the increasing populations everywhere have made time more valuable than ever.
People simply don’t want to spend time their time for preparing and eating food any more.
However, the habit of eating processed fast food, according to the World Health Organization, is not only detrimental to human health but also one of the worst enemies of humanity.
Aware of the growing anti-fast food sentiments and the backlash against it, we’ve decided to take on ourselves to develop a novel food concept in 2010s to counter this trend. The service must be as fast as any fast-food service moreover; the food must be healthy and delicious at the same time!
We’ve worked on our model for years.
We have, therefore, focused on developing a healthy food menu made with unprocessed ingredients and served with daily made sauces, fresh vegetables and fruits. We’ve learned our lesson that new ways require not only new ways of thinking but also a readiness to face tremendous challenges.
Simply combining different foods together wasn’t good enough.
One of the challenges was to cut down on investment costs per restaurant and to keep the overhead costs under control, despite the high costs and fragile nature of fresh food.
Long years of hard work and learning through trial and error finally beared fruit, and Bun-D is born, developed by Nasa Food which then operated restaurants under different international brands.
Finally on August 1, 2011, the first Bun-D restaurant commenced its business life in Croughton UK.
The past few years have awarded hard work and the collective effort by a dedicated group of people who share the same vision to make Bun-D succeed. It’s the people and their shared vision after all beyond Bun-D’s success. Our idea has become the vision of these people.
The market for BUN-D was beyond anyone’s expectation. Consumer demand has promoted the rapid expansion of Bun-D restaurants all over the world. As it’s turned out to be what people wanted all along.
Desiring to expand their success beyond borders, and through rigorous adherence to the founding principles and the vision, BUN-D restaurants keep expanding into new markets with the support of their employees and customers.

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